Release Day is Here

I am so excited that you get to meet Christy and Maisie in this first book of their series – Release day is HERE!

As soon as you can carve out a few hours of time, I hope you can sit down with a cup of your favourite beverage and start to read their story – you might need to refill that cup a few times!

If you have read previous posts you will know that I have started this series again with a first-in-series book Familiar Unspelled. To keep in line with the titles of future books in this series, I was looking at words that rhymed with ‘spell’ and when I saw unspelled I had to look it up as it didn’t seem like a real word at all. For anyone wondering, unspelled is a legitimate word and it means to break a spell or to release someone from a spell. Once I read what it meant, I knew I had found the title for this book – it is a perfect fit for this story.

For those of you who enjoyed Jingle Bells, Cracker Spells, I beg for your understanding of the decisions that led me to revamp Christy’s story – predominantly wanting to be an Australian author who writes stories set in Australia and true to a lifetime of education and life in Australia, the decision to use British English. A revamped Cracker Spells will now be book three in this series and will be out in time for Christmas this year.

With a career centred around nursing, I very briefly flirted with the idea of Christy being a nurse. However, before I knew it, the words coming up on the screen were telling me that Christy was a pharmacist through and through. Of course, this is a work of fiction, so although I have done my research (because that is what I love to do – it is not procrastination haha), my knowledge and understanding continue to evolve, so any discrepancies belong to me, and me alone.

I hope you fall at least a little bit in love with Maisie. Those who have read the book along the way to this point in time (aged 11-88) have all fallen for Maisie, orange hair cloud and all. My fingers are crossed. Maisie is based on my own dog Maya, a rescue dog from the mid-north of South Australia, whose mother was a corgi but whose father was unknown, although several people have questioned her possible part-dingo ancestry. I will never know. What I do know is that Maya had a very rough start to life and while she trusts and loves me unconditionally, a raised voice or arm can still make her flinch reflexively for a microsecond on occasion, and yes, a huge cloud of orange hair follows her everywhere.

Cheers to curling up with your own furbaby and enjoying Christy’s and Maisie’s story. If you don’t have a furbaby, Maya will happily sit by you in spirit and promises not to leave you covered in orange hair.

Susanne. xx