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2023 Update


I’m sitting here freaking out that I only have 70 odd days (I haven’t set a calendar update yet) till I leave for Las Vegas. While I can’t wait to attend the biggest Indie author conference in the world, on the Strip of all places, I am also dreading five days of intensive people-ing. I’m following all of the advice on the conference pages re an introvert’s guide to thriving during the week, but travelling and navigating in Las Vegas sits at the polar opposite end of the spectrum to my current daily life. I soak up every word of reassurance that it will be okay!

I’m still working on Raven and Jimmy’s story set in the Port Arthur Historic Site, and my latest blog post sheds a little more light on why I haven’t finished it yet.

Winter has been mild here, although we’ve had several snow falls on the mountains. I’m still sleeping with one blanket and a fan, so you won’t find me complaining about the cold, wet days. I love them! I keep explaining to people that it is because of our climate that we live in this magical place surrounded by UNESCO protected wilderness. If you don’t know much about our wilderness areas, this video gives you a sample taste.

If you’re going to the Vegas conference, please find me and say hello.

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