I am thrilled you have found my website and hope you will take the time to explore my pages. Thank you!

Imminent release of my book Familiar Unspelled

Our All Too Familiar Anthology, led by Jane Hinchey, has ended and we now have our books back with the individual authors. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of the Anthology and I hope you enjoyed the stories and have new authors to follow along with your favourites.

I am in the process of uploading my contribution, Familiar Unspelled, but to be honest I am umming and erring on which store front/s to use. I will be taking a few days to have a good think, but I hope to have it out there very soon.

In the meantime, cheers to curling up with your own furbaby (even if it is only in your heart) and enjoying whatever book you are engrossed in at the moment.

Susanne. xx