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2022 and Familiar Unspelled

Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of the All too Familiar Anthology led by Jane Hinchey (April – June 2022) and I hope you enjoyed the stories and have new authors to follow along with your favourites.

Once the anthology ended I published my book Familiar Unspelled by what they call a ‘soft launch’, where I published it without the fanfare of a new release. I simply uploaded it on the main storefronts without even promoting it on my Facebook page. 2022 has ended up being a year of highs and lows. We travelled for almost six months – Alaska, Canada, and New Zealand – and according to Google Maps, we’ve travelled almost 40,000 kms this year, although I have no idea how accurate this is. Unfortunately, Dad became unwell the day after we returned from trip number one and sadly passed away in late August. Scheduled writing time didn’t happen as I was either too exhausted or didn’t have the heart to get words down; family always takes precedence.

2023 will be a year of writing, but after 2022 I am reluctant to put a number on the books I hope to get done. However, I am getting my feet under my desk (after spending two days reorganising my space :-P) and I’m excited about the projects I have lined up. 2022 also clarified the direction I want to take in my writing, which I will reveal in time.

In the meantime, I am keeping busy removing the old, seemingly never-ending, winter/spring coat from Maya (the inspiration for Maisie’s unruly orange hair :-)), so cheers to curling up with your own furbaby (even if it is only in your heart) and enjoying whatever book you are engrossed in at the moment.

Susanne. xx




Familiar Unspelled is available here